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Treatment plan depending on the patient and clinical picture


Depending on the patient and clinical picture, I develop during the initial anamnesis  an appropriate treatment plan.

I ask you to bring our questionnaire and all medical documents with you for the first anamnesis

or to send to me in advance,  so we can do the initial anamnesis and treatment  make it even more effective.  


Price list for examinations and treatments

                                (including counseling, examination and treatment)


Note 1)  please pay in cash or by debit card on the day of treatment


Note 2)  outside of office hours  (evening) is  if necessary, a treatment 100 euros / 90 minutes  by 1 therapist  possible


Note 3) If desired, female patients can be treated by female staff


Note 4)  Before accompanying treatment for pregnant women, we must first  

               contact the gynecologist or midwife and obtain their consent.

Note 5)  You're welcome  say the agreed appointments as early as possible and at least 24     

                         Hours before the treatment, otherwise I take the liberty of giving you half of the  

                         to invoice planned treatment costs, since the appointment is so short  

                         cannot be forgiven otherwise. In the case of long delays, I can still use the  

                         Calculate total agreed time.


  ○ Facial treatment: 30 minutes 30 euros

    Treatment of acupuncture points on the face and head against insomnia, for improvement

    the coordination of the muscles of the face and the cranial nerves, relaxation, also with cosmetic effects.



  □  Seniors (over 70 years of age): 10 euros reduction

  □  Disabled: 10 euros reduction



The fee for the treatment is mainly based on the  GebüH (fee schedule for alternative practitioners).

All treatments are paid for in cash in the practice and receipted by us. Please submit our invoice to your insurance company.

As a rule, private health insurances and  Supplementary insurance covers all or part of the treatment costs incurred.

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurances do not bear the costs.  Please check with your insurance company.

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