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Course for self-care and family care
If you want to provide yourself or your family with gentle medicine at home ...

On Saturdays there is "KenKo-KyoShitsu (健康 教室)",

a small course (max. 8 participants) for self-treatment and family care takes place.

Anyone can participate and learn the technique easily without medical knowledge and experience.


The course is useful for many different purposes:

- You learn step by step to improve or maintain your own physical condition

- One learns to alleviate bad symptoms of illnesses as quickly as possible through self-treatment

- You learn how to treat yourself cosmetically at home  ​

For every purpose we will show you how it can be done easily, safely and inexpensively.  


The course fee is 40 - 50 euros per month (10 euros per session), and the trial course fee is 10 euros per session.

Depending on your needs, you need special material (instruments and medicinal herbs), but there are no additional costs for self-healing, for example through gymnastics. Please inform us about your needs and budget the first time you attend, and we will suggest your individual DIY plan based on your body's diagnosis.    


There are many programs for different purposes:

・ Kohki gymnastics ・ Kohki stretching ・ Cosmetic massage with medicinal herbs ・ 12 acupoint treatment for hands and feet

・ Hand and foot Nagashi (improvement of the meridian flow) ・ Pelvic gymnastics ・ Shoulder gymnastics ・ Dumbbell gymnastics

・ Pulse diagnosis ・ Extra-meridian treatment ・ Genki-grains ・ 3 Yin & 3 Yan treatment ・ 5Point treatment of the whole body


The medicinal herbs and instruments for self-treatment and family care

(Generally only available for course participants)


○ Instrument (KOHKI-Kin-Itsu): Instrument for Nagashi, acupuncture and moxibustion

○ KOHKI chopsticks: chopsticks for the medicinal herbs that can be used with the instruments

○ Genki granules: granules of medicinal herbs that can be used for acupuncture as well as for non-invasive acupuncture

○ KOHKI cloth: cloth full of herbs for muscle relaxation and improving body fluid circulation

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